Dr Adam Brownhill - Senior Medical Officer
Dr Ann Khafaghi – recurrent visiting locum
Other rotational locum GP’s attend Urapuntja Health Service throughout the year.


Linda Keating – CEO
Gail Cook – Clinic Manager
Amanda Hand – Manager Organisational Effectiveness
Colin Keating – Operations Manager


Leonard Ngoma
Sithabiso Sithole
Glen Crimp

Urapuntja Health Service on occasion have visiting locum nursing staff throughout the year. 


Urapuntja provides services to a population of about 1000 permanent residents who live in 16 homeland communities. We are a unique, in that we deliver an outreach service to all 16 outstation communities every week and our primary clinic is not in the middle of the community.

Urapuntja has been delivering core primary health care services to the community for over 40 years. The authority of the health board and community members determine how the service works and to this day the health status of our people in Utopia are some of the best in the Northern Territory.

Community involvement has been critical to everything that we do and confirms for clients that our service is a safe place where the experience of Aboriginality is understood and where special needs are recognised and supported.

Senior people from each of the outstations comprise the board of management for Urapuntja Health Service and ensure that the organisation responds to the needs and hopes of the community. The Board is a representative board based on clan structures rather than through the election of people from the membership.

Our success is measurable and evidenced by:

  • 100% of the children aged 6 to 11 months in the Urapuntja footprint were fully immunised in the 2014 calendar year

  • 100% of the children aged 0 to 5 years were measured for weight in the 2014 calendar year

  • 85% of males aged 15—54 years in the Urapuntja footprint had a health check compared to the NT average of 49%

  • 95% of women aged 55 and over in the Urapuntja footprint had a health check compared to the NT average of 74%

  • The service improved access to care across the region by over 20% from 2012 to 2014

  • The service holds current Royal Australian College of General Practice Accreditation

Clinic Hours

Mon - Friday  9am - 5pm
After hours service for emergencies only
Tel  08 8956 9994

Urapuntja Aboriginal Health Service

PMB 31 Via Alice Springs
NT 0871